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I am thinking about doing a live virtual workshop for a certain type of high performer.

Professor Laura Empson in her decades of research into elite firms identified a particular type of worker: exceptionally capable and fiercely ambitious, but driven by a profound belief in their own inadequacy.

She labeled them "insecure overachievers". Does any of this describe you?
  • constant need to prove you should be where you are—insecurity does not end with seniority
  • constant concern, before every meeting that you go to "Am I going to make an idiot of myself here and are people going to see through a façade and think actually there’s no real substance to this?"
  • growing up believing that you'll be noticed and valued by your parents only when excelling
  • victim of the need of recognition—caring too much what others think
  • sacrificing time with your family, friends and doing things you really like, often surrendering companionship for the sake of your busy-ness
  • no satisfaction—once you achieve a goal, you discount it quickly and set the bar even higher for next time
  • constant drive to excel has now led to serious physical and mental health problems, ranging from simple exhaustion to chronic pain, addictions, eating disorders, depression and worse.
If so, let talk the energetic implications of this experience! What I know from my own healing journey as I hurt my health striving (but never actually thriving) to wrack up 3 university degrees, repeated top 10 sales rankings, leadership coaching and energy medicine certifications, all while simultaneously rebuilding/reinventing myself after 14 major unexpected events in the first 40 years of life...

—is that life’s challenges often feel less threatening once looked at through the 'lens' of energy. In fact, tThis perspective shift changes everything.

Ready to take command of your anxious striving and turn it into authentic thriving using Energy Medicine?  

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