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Wednesday March 17 8pm EST

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Start Again Stronger

Want to live life totally, embrace everything and hold nothing back? Want to have the courage to live a life true to you, not what others expect? In this upcoming, online, live training you will discover just that! Whether you know nothing about energy mechanics, have had a taste of energy techniques like acupuncture and EFT tapping, or have practiced principles of Universal Laws for decades, this training is perfect for you.

A new model

Discover why we need a new model for success and why you may feel stuck, depleted, defeated or's not your fault!.

The missing piece

Uncover what's the missing piece to starting again stronger every day, in every way, in life. Hint: it's the same yet unique for us all!

Systems for success

Learn how to turn your pains into solvable problems and build simple systems to heal the 3 key things you need to start again stronger.

Your Instructor

Clocking in 6000+ client hours across 3 continents, Nicole Nelson is a certified energy practitioner and professional executive coach ready to help you start again stronger in life by mastering energy instead of excessive effort-ing. 

FREE Live Training

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