Going through challenge or change?
Want to make sense of your struggles?


Soul Curriculum Session


Want to make sense of your struggles? 

Is your life producing particular problems or challenges seemingly on repeat?

Does it feel like a game of whack-a-mole where, once one issue is put down, another pops up?

Hi! I'm Nicole Nelson, professionally certified subtle energy practitioner, human design specialist and creator of this True Self On Fire™  transformational specialty session.

I know first hand that life doesn't always hand us a bed of roses. In fact, for some of us, it's rather the opposite—you go through some pretty hard knocks from time to time and, then, when multiple "bad" things happen, it can be hard to maintain your sense of humor, laugh in the face of adversity, and open your heart to new beginnings. 

For over 15 years, incredible professionals like CEOs, VPs, PhDs, therapists, educators, nurses, managers and entrepreneurs have trusted me to provide compassionate and practical solutions so that they can launch into new beginnings as the most alive, awake and aware version of themselves. 

From my time in the trenches I've learned that, sometimes, in order to start again stronger in our lives, we can need to take a time out, zoom out, and tune into the larger order involved.

I created this specialized session to serve you in discovering how to better embrace the totality of your life—how to allow life challenges to ground you even deeper into who you really are, versus pull you out of yourself or feel blown around by the winds of change.

Whether you feel dull, stuck or numb—due to fixed or boring life circumstances—or you're in a reckoning of sorts from an unsettling setback, this program provides practical advice to regain confident clarity as you heal your energy and priorities.

This Soul Curriculum session is a custom consulting package based on your birth place, date, and time. You will receive a custom report using this information after I create your custom Human Design chart.

It provides you an explanation of what your soul signed up for, including:

  • what you came to master 💎

  • where you need better boundaries, deeper commitment, or maybe even clearing in order to fulfill your purpose 💎

  • wisdom to work on (because there are recurring themes you will consistently see)💎

  • repeating fears to make friends with 💎

  • what you need to restock your reserves and get grounded 💎

  • why you do what you do, and what to connect to when you are losing drive/motivation! 💎

Benefits of knowing your soul's curriculum


Let's face it. It is hard to be human sometimes. So, when yet another unexpected event—sometimes jokingly called an "FGO" or F*cking Growth Opportunity by my personal development warriors—causes us to question where we stand, we can also question if we are really growing at all and, if maybe, we are doing something wrong.

Fact is, sometimes, life's changes and challenges can leave us afraid that these struggles—despite all best efforts—actually amount to nothing. It's this fear that, somewhere along your journey, you've missed minor (or major!) markers in your life. Ever feel like your life will be, can be, or potentially is, without REAL purpose sometimes?

Well, I'm here to remind you that OF COURSE you being you has purpose, no matter your life choices but it is especially easy to feel this fear if, in the moment, all your personal growth risks aren't reaping immediate rewards—not to mention if you feel like certain life lessons are perpetually stuck on 'repeat'.

Knowing your soul's curriculum, really helps you face this fear each time "yet another" FGO comes up! It also helps you hone your personal growth goals so that you can work WITH instead of AGAINST yourself.

What do clients say?


Soul Curriculum—Get what your soul signed up for!
Soul Curriculum—Get what your soul signed up for!
Want to make sense of your struggles? This custom Human Design report of frequent fears you'll face, greatest lesson to learn, default dilemmas + what drives you & grounds you includes a 50-min coaching call on how to implement these insights.
Report details



You were Designed with certain energies that allow for natural abilities. When you know what these are you can be more deliberate in developing personal mastery. 

Greatest Life Lesson


When you know where you need boundaries, a deeper commitment or what needs to clear to fulfill your purpose, you can maximize every relationship.

Wisdom To Work On

 Every energetic Design comes with some potential downfalls. Knowing what yours are in advance can help smooth all your struggles.

Fears To Befriend

There are certain fears we are Designed to face that cannot be affirmed or cleared away. Knowing what they are makes it easier to face.

Quantum Human Design™


Based on your birth date, time and location, this service is a creative custom Quantum Human Design™ reading using the metaphor of a lifetime lesson plan. Human Design is a tool synthesized from ancient wisdom and modern science including: Eastern & Western astrology, the Hindu chakra system, the Judaic Kabbalah, the Chinese I’Ching, and Quantum mechanics. Quantum Human Design™ is a new Human Design language created by author Karen Curry Parker that's intended to embody an even higher vibrational frequency —expansive, empowering, expressive, powerful, and positive— so that you can fully activate your potential.