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Eager to increase your zest for life? Are you ready to engage your own personal champion for change? Creative in replacing any old standards with new ones, I can help you bring about improvements to old concepts. Want a cutting edge approach to catalyzing new beginnings, instead of being blocked by your fears or being stuck in past pains? I'm all about providing sustenance and support to those I love, especially my clients! I'll help you uncover how to live life to the hilt, laugh in the face of adversity, and get freed energetically to create the life you have always dreamed of experiencing.

Heal what holds you back
with Human Design

Does it feel like you’ve fallen in the habit of suppressing yourself in some big—or small—way? Maybe you’ve lost your sense of self to the daily demands of varies duties or you are just plain tired of trying to make something work that just isn’t right for you? Ever wonder what it would take to unbox those parts of you that you try to keep contained? Or to be so secure in your core identity that no words—or amount of energy—could throw you off course? With my private consulting, you’ll discover who you were always Designed to be and, then, together, we can create actionable steps to align your everyday efforts with your authentic self. Using the tool of Quantum Human Design, we’ll help heal parts of you that feel mystifying or misaligned. Together, we can create actionable steps to align your everyday efforts with your authentic self.

Restore your energy & enthusiasm with Energy Medicine

Are you burned out spiritually, emotionally, mentally or physically? Feel blown around by the winds of change? Are you still feeling stuck, despite best intentions? From my years in the trenches, I know that the successful direction of your life doesn't depend on the latest productivity program or high performance hack.

It comes down to repairing your relationship to your body’s energy and to your connection to Source energy because, anytime we have events that disconnect us from our true value, there are energetic effects. Using the tools of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology, I help you bounce back from burnout so that you can transform past pain into power.

Do a deep dive into redesigning your life

Going through a time of change or challenge? Ready to redesign your life to achieve true and lasting satisfaction? In my custom 1:1 mentoring, I stand right beside you as we do this together. I combine energy healing, Human Design and intuitive consulting to help you put into practical terms how to figure out the fun of fully committing to yourself, knowing what is really worth putting your precious energy towards, healing any blocks to taking action on that, and strategizing an action plan that puts you back in the flow of life, living in a way that not only fits your energy, but also feeds your soul.

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