Want your own personal healing pathfinder?

Do you desire to feel something different and new?! Are you a hard-working, take-charge, front-runner who excels at work and at taking care of others, but maybe feels lost, because your own wishes and wellbeing took a backseat? Are you maybe at a low point in your life—one where you’ve realize that what you’ve sacrificed for, isn’t actually what you wanted?

Committed to improving the lives of others, I am a specialist in inner conflict resolution for people dealing with difficult things. In my transformational programs, I give compassionate and practical solutions to build a brighter future, one that fits your energy and feeds your soul. If you feel ready for real change, you can trust me to take you where you need to go!

Want to ignite energy and enthusiasm back into your life? Want to live in the moment and enjoy all that it has to offer? Let’s take the leap together…

Pathways to getting started

Looking to take a leap? Want to partner with a genius for guiding people towards their personal goals—someone who’s got an inherent skill for strategy? In all my services, I use my natural logic and reason to organize complex information (like the energy mechanics of your energy anatomy!) into simple, soul-saving systems that can carry you to a more rewarding future. Here are three main pathways to getting started:

Live Workshop

Since the I only work with a select few clients, and because I LOVE teaching/coaching, I run live, online workshops throughout the year on different topics. Be sure to subscribe to the Start Again Stronger Collective where I email you insights and invitations. Click the image to the left to learn what program I am thinking about running currently!

Consulting Call

Want to make sense of your struggles so that you can have a secret smile for adversity? Typically for existing clients, this call reserves me me as your strategic sounding board, facilitator of energy medicine corrections, or advisor. New clients, eager to engage a champion for change, may book this service but please realize some of the call will be used for introductions. Click the image to the left to sign up for this service.

Custom engagement

Whether we create a single VIP immersion day to focus on 1 specific goal, or a 90 day refresher/reset program to build systems that help sustain your growth, as a professional coach, consultant, and energy medicine practitioner, I will work with you to construct a program that gets results. Click the image to the left to learn more.

Get the Secret Advantage

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