Start Again Stronger

My mission for you:

Regardless of what transformational program you choose to enroll, it’s my mission to leave you with at least 5% more:

  • CLARITY about your unique—dare I say cosmic?!—role in this lifetime

  • CERTAINTY in who you truly are and the value that IS you

  • TRUST as you activate alive, within you, a deep sense of inner trust about what’s really right for you

  • ENJOYMENT even during moments of uncertainty, comfortable in the unknown because you feel at peace and whole

  • ENERGY, vitality, and physical wellbeing so you can accelerate your quality of life

  • ENTHUSIASM for everything, knowing it all can serve you positively

  • COURAGE to confidently being again, no matter what’s going on in your world in this moment

—I want this for you even if we only get 30 minutes together during a free strategy session!


Ready to reclaim who you were always Designed to be? Using the tool of Human Design, we help heal parts of you that feel mystifying or misaligned. Together we can create actionable steps to align your everyday efforts with your authentic self. It all begins with discovering who that actually is!


Are you still feeling stuck, despite best intentions? Anytime we have events that disconnect us from our true value there is energetic residue. Using the tools of energy medicine and energy psychology and pulling from 2 proven systems—the Eden Method and the Quantum Alignment System—I help you bounce back from burnout and transform past pain into power by clearing any residue wreaking havoc on your intentions to create something even better for yourself.


Want to master the secret to sustainable wellbeing? It turns out it takes a lot of energy to live a life that’s—even a tiny bit—untrue to you but when you live in coherence with your energetic blueprint, in harmony with what is natural for you, and in alliance with your soul’s and life’s purpose, you bring out the fullest expression of your authentic self. So, in my custom 1:1 and small group work, I help you put into practical terms how to figure out the fun of fully committing to yourself. We work on knowing what is worth putting your precious energy towards, healing any blocks to taking action on that, and strategizing a plan that puts you in a life that lifts you up, nourishes you, supports you, and even guides others to higher expressions of who they are as well.

Hi! I'm Nicole Nelson,

professionally certified subtle energy practitioner and Human Design specialist, mentor and creator of the True Self On Fire™ series of transformational programs. I've spent 15+ years working with incredible professionals such as CEOs, VPs, PhDs, counselors, educators, nurses, managers and entrepreneurs; across 2 continents and 6 industries. I am passionate about helping take-charge people take charge of their wellbeing!

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