"Fun and high-energy, I like to leave no stone unturned in my pursuit of reward and joy. I’m told there is an indefatigable spirit to the way I embrace life, come what may, and I’d love nothing more than to help you do exactly the same."

Your lightening rod for radical change—Nicole Nelson

Hear from one of Nicole’s clients

Eager to increase your zest for life? Want a cutting edge approach to catalyzing new beginnings, instead of being blocked by your fears or being stuck in past pains? I'll help you uncover how to live life totally, embrace everything, and hold nothing back. It starts with getting you freed-up, energetically, so that we can put you back on your real path to prosperity.

ExquisiteU Academy

Discerning the difference between your true nature and learned behavior is the key to happiness. Start sounding your truth. Discover how you energetically interact with life, and other people, as you enjoy recovering your exquisite you! → Click to join ExquisiteU

Soul Growth Guide

Want to make sense of your struggles so that you can have a secret smile for adversity? Time to trust in Life. Living life to the fullest requires great courage and total commitment. In failure, trauma, and survival, you glean wisdom but…you are not alone if you find it hard to look Life in the eye as you’re being cast into chaos and trials! → Click to get your guide

Energetic Integrity Session

Energetic integrity is your real path to prosperity. You are at your strongest and most effective when your body and spirit (aka energy) are amply provided for. → Click to book session

Unsure which service best serves you?

Or are you maybe looking to do an even deeper dive during a V.I.P. day or 3-6 month engagement so that you can redesign your life towards what makes you come alive? Simply schedule a complimentary consult!

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