Are you frustrated, stagnant and unhappy with how you show up in the world, despite the fact that everyone else seems to think you have it all together? If so, it's time to stop taking energetic patterns personally and start working with them productively!

Hi, I'm Nicole Nelson, professional energy medicine practitioner and energy management coach since 2013. In this 40 page e-book you'll discover my simple and innovative systems for guiding my high performing professional clients to personal satisfaction.

The Secret Advantage To Starting Again Stronger

How To Work With Energy To Live A More Liberated Life

What if the challenges of your life grounded you down deeper in the truth of who you are, instead of knocking you off your feet? What if success and abundance created peace instead of anxiety? What if doing what is best for you felt freeing instead of guilt-producing?

Discover the secret advantage...

Bust the myths around B.H.A.G., S.M.A.R.T. goals and why they aren't often the path to personal satisfaction.

Discover the symptomatology of the disease of overdoing.

Learn the 3 simple systems that allow you to release pressure, find center, and live your truth.

Uncover what it takes to truly feel at home within yourself.

Understand how to be in flow with your life, rather than in resistance to it.

Have you tried 'all the things' and still feel stuck? Maybe it's time to stop taking energetic patterns personally and start working with them productively.

What you'll gain from this guide...

An understanding of what you specifically need to nurture you true nature instead of suffering from self-doubt and lack of self-trust.

A foundation for a strong sense of self within the context of any relationship (work, love, family, friends etc.)

An ability to heal any emotional burden so that you can take your place in the world feeling whole instead of wounded.

A way to find confident clarity versus struggling, stressed out, and exhausted from pushing yourself to the limit while fights, tempers, bingeing or other forms of self-defeating behaviors begin.


Nicole Nelson, Energy Practitioner & Energy Management Coach

Nicole Nelson

If you're like me, you're probably pretty good at keeping all the plates spinning. You're the one who's got it together, the reliable one everyone turns to. You're brilliant, successful, and above all, driven. And you've got the battle scars of a fast-paced life to show for it.

After much trial and error, it's been my experience that every life challenge is handled even more effectively when addressed energetically. That's what this e-book is about.

It's a unique approach to age old dilemmas. so that you can reclaim your personal freedom, bring balance back into your life, and rekindle that creative spark.

Because at the end of the day, life is about balancing your ambitions with your well-being, embracing the power of your potential, and flourishing in a life that's true to your design. So, what do you say? Let's take the leap, together!

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