The Secret To Personal Power

"Become your best self" has been a hot topic among self improvement superstars like Tony Robbins for decades now, but do you  actually know the role that your subtle energy systems serve in slowing down or speeding up that process?

This LIVE interactive workshop is for you if you've been doing some sort of self-improvement efforts for quite awhile, but still something feels like it’s missing the mark...if you've tried positive thinking, affirmations, and mindfulness but you’re still mostly feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, or unworthy...if you still struggle to understand or finally work with certain FEARS and self-limiting BEHAVIORS in a sustainable way (versus dealing with a personal growth whack-a-mole game where one is put down and another crops up!... or if you struggle with how to use your life experience to positively inform your future, rather than limit it and keep you staying "safe" but staying stuck.

Where we'll meet

October 8 2021 2PM EST Nicole will hold a LIVE 90 minute workshop via Google Meet. The first hour will be interactive teaching with time at the end—and in-between— for coaching and Q/A!

What you'll learn

You'll discover...

  • Why we must amplify personal power
  • Why what we've been taught to have/be/do anything isn't working
  • What it means to be human & how it works (an energetic perspective)
  • What's the secret to personal power
  • How to access and amplify it using a 3 pillars framework—stop throwing proverbial spaghetti at the wall when it comes to the latest self-care suggestion
Can't join us live? That's ok! Nicole will send you the replay!

Your Facilitator



"In my time working with Nicole I am always blown away by how quickly she is able to get to the root of what could be holding me back from my ultimate goals and values. She is completely present and gifted, pragmatic healer and coach."
—Linda Stacy, Keynote Speaker, Author, Trainer

Nicole's Story

Hi! I'm Nicole Nelson, professionally certified subtle energy practitioner and Quantum Human Design specialist, mentor and creator of the True Self On Fire™ series of transformational programs.

I've spent 15+ years working with incredible professionals such as CEOs, VPs, PhDs, counselors, educators, nurses, managers and entrepreneurs; across 2 continents and 6 industries. I am passionate about helping take-charge people take charge of their wellbeing!
Live Class
Live Class
Class lasts for 90 minutes and includes PDF handouts and live coaching to help you integrate the topic's techniques.

"I believe personal power starts with devotion to your relationship with your body's energy and with your connection to Source energy."

- Nicole Nelson