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Hi there! My name is Nicole Nelson, I'm a highly skilled subtle energy practitioner and Human Design specialist who loves nothing more than catalyzing change, inventing innovative solutions and facilitating self-mastery for professionals with purpose. For over 15 years, incredible professionals like CEOs, VPs, PhDs, therapists, educators, nurses, managers and entrepreneurs have trusted me in leading them to become even more secure within themselves: to embrace the unexpected, to break old patterns, increase their sense of value, and to find both the blessings and the power in past painful experiences so that they could use them as catalysts for transformation and courage...ESPECIALLY the courage to live a life true to themselves, not what others expect.

Maybe you’ve already been doing some sort of self-improvement efforts for quite awhile, but most of what you’re doing still feels like it’s missing the mark…

Maybe you’ve already tried positive thinking, affirmations, and mindfulness and you’re still mostly feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, or even unworthy…

Maybe you still struggle to understand or finally work with certain FEARS and self-limiting BEHAVIORS in a sustainable way (Does it feel like that wack-a-mole game where you put one down, only to have another crop up?

Maybe you struggle with how to use your life experience to positively inform your future, rather than limit it, and the courage to start again is cutting off your sense of adventure.

Whatever brought you here, if you are interested in how energy healing and Human Design might help you, our journey together begins with a simple strategy session. We’ll take stock of what it has been like, what is happening now, and what’s in the way of you starting again, even stronger.

Step 1

Get on my calendar! My schedule is quite booked these days, but I’m really passionate about people innovating the way they do everything by crafting a lifestyle that actually fits their energy. So, I’ve decided to open up a few spots each week for free strategy sessions so that I can get to know you.

Step 2

Whether I am in session with a paying client or not, I am motivated to make sure you get maximum value. As a result, I always love to get an agreement from you that you’ll set some purposeful, relaxed, creative time to contemplate: What would make our time together really, really valuable?

On my end, I'm going to set aside 30 minutes! During the call I’m going to ask you some questions, and we’ll explore what’s been going on for you, as well as get you an alignment plan for healing any parts of you that feel disempowered.

Please give me your agreement that you'll set aside time to actually think about what you need/want BEFORE the call.

Is that something you can agree to?

Your catalyst for change!

What can you expect when you build a whole new model for success and satisfaction?

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