Want to be put back on path?

Our journey starts with a complimentary Start Again Stronger clarity call…

Step 1

Whether I am in session with a paying client or not, I am motivated to make sure you get maximum value. As a result, I always love to get an agreement from you that you’ll set some purposeful, relaxed, creative time to contemplate: What would make our time together really, really valuable?

On my end, I'm going to set aside 30 minutes for you! During the call I’m going to ask you some questions, and we’ll explore what’s been going on for you, as well as set a strategy for you to gain clarity around what it takes to start again even stronger.

Please give me your agreement that you'll set aside time to actually think about what you need/want BEFORE the call.

Is that something you can agree to?

Step 2

Teach me what important change you’d like to make in your life. My schedule is quite booked these days, but I’m really passionate about pulling people out of the past and towards the future. So, I’ve decided to open up a few spots each week for free clarity calls so that I can get to know you and offer my help.

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