Custom 1-on-1 Program

Ready to do a DEEP DIVE into devoting your energy in the DIRECTION that best serves who you really and are what you really want?!

In my 6 month mentorship program, you'll enjoy a custom combination of energy healing, Human Design and intuitive consulting depending on your goals. 

Typical private mentorship programs last 6 months and consist of custom 1:1 work so that you can most effectively transform any past pain into power and ensure that your energies are fully restored.

Private investment amounts can range from $3,000 - $7,000 and, in some cases, singular VIP days to focus on 1 specific goal or a 90 day refresher/accelerator program can be co-created as well. (Please email me for corporate rates.)

As a professional coach and consultant, I work with clients to construct a program that gets results. You will have input on everything, including the investment amount.

As this is the most elite level of service, when you choose this option, you have direct access to me nearly 24-7...My VIP clients think of me as their personal lifeline during this time because, when we are not in a session, you can be sure I'm not only thinking about you, but also gathering any resources or insights that will catalyze transformational change that you can actually sustain throughout your life! 

Step 1 Complete the form below. I'll send one my elite client case studies for you to read while you wait for Step 2.

Step 2 Check your inbox where I'll send a simple questionnaire to learn more about what you'd like to work on.

Step 3 We'll schedule a collaboration and chemistry call to see how I might help and if we are a mutual fit!

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