Feeling stuck?

Dear Friend,

Are you feeling stuck? Have you ever in your adult life looked in the mirror and thought, "I thought it would be easier by now."?

Have you been working hard on yourself—and hard for others—but all this effort sometimes feels like it's you against nature, swimming against the tides of life?

Maybe you've been dedicated to personal development yet still find that—despite all best efforts—you're stuck in certain unwanted patterns?

It's exhausting and, truth be told, a little lonely, right?

There is ONE THING that can make a shift...

What if I told you there is ONE THING that, when mastered, can make a shift in all your interactions so that they happen even more naturally, with an ease and effectiveness that leads you to a renewed sense of success and satisfaction in life?
Hi! I'm Nicole Nelson and I'm a certified energy practitioner and coach. I've been blessed to study with some of the best experts in energy mechanics and medicine, “clocking in” over 6000 hours serving clients. At our local teaching hospital, I've helped amputees, cancer patients and NICU babies lessen their pain and anxiety.
As a professional coach, I’ve worked with open-minded executives helping them bounce back even better from the unexpected by reducing the resistance that results from acting out of alignment with themselves.

My clients and I tend to be the types who work hard. I confess that I was a former poster-child for the Will-My-Way-To-The-Top approach to living life, having earned 3 college degrees and 2 professional certifications. I was also old hat at "putting out fires" as the 1-PERSON SWAT TEAM people could call when they need someone to lovingly take charge of a situation and be their rock!

Living that kind of lifestyle, however, swiftly leads to burnout because, let's face it, even with all our tools, life can be a bumpy ride! Fatal family illnesses, federal assistance, heartbreak and house fire—you name it, I’ve done it, so if you're there now I hear ya! 

—but the suck-it-upmake-it-happen, push-through-pain, just-do-it, bullying approach to life only got me and my clients so far...So, I'll tell you something most "coaches" or personal development trainers won't.

Not only does this approach not work so well, there's also no such thing as a "one size fits all" tactic for a better life.

Here's why: Your energetic build is really different from anyone else.

And EVERYTHING is energy.

Want to stop being stuck? Want to live life totally, embracing everything and hold nothing back? Then you have to MASTER your ENERGY...specifically, claiming who you were Designed to be.
While some of us spend years doing conventional things aimed to improve 'mindset', productivity or physicality, working with subtle energies can offer us a remarkable shortcut to improve our lives exponentially.

So many of us have followed the steps prescribed to be successful, yet still suffer dissatisfaction. Some may even have come to a point where our lives no longer make sense to us. We've never learned the difference between building a life we love through brute force EFFORTING and leveraging our natural ENERGY.

In order to navigate life more enjoyably, it helps to uncover the person you were BORN TO BE, what you came here for, and what your life is REALLY about.
Life Aligned 101 does just that. It introduces you to a different model for success and security.

When you uncover WHAT you're even working with energetically, then you can leverage tactics and techniques for HOW to work with it effectively. You can stop your addiction to stress and start allowing yourself TRUE happiness. 

Over time, as you start learning how to work with your Design, you'll find your life experience becoming an even easier journey because now you feel the thrill of finally seeing yourself clearly, through the lense of ENERGY.


When you enroll in this program now, you get:
  1. Personally recorded explanations of your:
    • Energy Type's Role
    • Decision Making Authority
    • Smoother Living Strategy
  2. Your custom created Human Design Chart 
  3. A 13-page report explaining the fundamentals of your Type


How misaligned is your life right now? Evaluate 12 main life areas in order to determine if you are on-path or off-track with what matters most.
Ever wonder how to maintain life's momentum in a sustainable way? Wonder how to break the burnout cycle? This assessment evaluates the 9 energetic keys to resiliency existing in your Human Design.
Ever wonder what you signed up for before you were born? Ever wonder what you intended to experience once you had come? What if, before you were born, the universe sent out a massive CASTING CALL for an upcoming production called YOUR LIFE?! William Shakespeare once wrote "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players..." and it really could not be more like that! In this bonus, you uncover what role you signed up for this lifetime, including the character/personality you chose to play along with a synopsis of your life's personal plotline.
After learning your Type of energy—and how it interacts with everything—from your 3-part personalized video recordings, you'll also get customized Go-To Guides to help bring this interesting information into actual transformation for your life. You'll receive the: Relationship Challenges Checklist, Wealth Theme Cheat Sheet, and What-I-Need Health Inventory.
Running out of patience for certain repeating patterns? Spoiler alert: some of them exist BY DESIGN! In this bonus you get to learn what your soul signed up for, including: a deep description of the frequent fears you may face, wisdom you are here to work on, and the greatest lesson you'll learn throughout your life's plotline! 
A 50-minute LIVE consulting call (+ recording) with me! I'll serve as your personal strategic sounding board for how to optimize your life now that you know your potential patterns, pitfalls and powers.


Due to the personalized nature of this program, I can only take on as many clients as my calendar capacity allows! Enroll now to save your seat.
Life Aligned 101
Life Aligned 101