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Hello wonder woman,

Are you a take-charge, hard-working, front-runner who is feeling somewhat stuck? Does it sometimes feel, despite best efforts, that you are forcing, more than flowing, with your life? Have you found yourself in the face of an unexpected event and, now, your inner world is alerting you to the need for a complete overhaul?

Hi! I'm Nicole Nelson, professionally certified energy medicine practitioner who leads women out of challenging life circumstances into energetic integrity so that they can navigate any aspect of life with confidence and clarity.

It is my honor to help my clients launch into new beginnings as the most alive, awake and aware version of themselves after their personal story has dealt them dead ends, heartbreak, hard health situations, or crushing disappointment. Why? —Because I know first hand that life doesn't always hand us a bed of roses.

In fact, for some of us, it's rather the opposite. You go through some pretty hard knocks from time to time, and when multiple "bad" things happen, it can be hard to maintain your sense of humor, laugh in the face of adversity, and open your heart to new beginnings, out of fear of what might happen again.

If you’re like most of my clients, you’re not a novice to self-improvement efforts and, yet, some part of you may still feel as if you are missing the mark. All you wish to do is feel balanced within yourself and powerfully own your path but, maybe, lasting satisfaction is just not happening as fast as you'd like.…maybe, even though few would ever guess this, whenever you think about taking the lead on your life by living out your dream (versus “their“ expectations) you do not 100% trust yourself to get out there, and do what needs to get done—no matter what obstacles are in the way—because, the biggest obstacle feels to be within yourself.

You’re not alone.

Whenever we are wounded (especially if the wound was from when we are young) it feels as if something essential has been stolen from us.

No matter what stage your personal/spiritual growth is at, if you are in the midst of one of those moments where you stare in the mirror saying to yourself “I thought it would be easier by NOW!”

…if it feels like time is slipping way as you struggle with SERIOUSNESS unable to reignite a lightness about your life (Ever admit to a friend "I used to be fun!"?)

...if you struggle to understand—or transform—any FEAR and self-limiting BEHAVIORS (such as committing to anyone, and anything, indiscriminately, while finding rational reasons for overloading yourself!)

....if you struggle with how to use your life experience to innovate, rather than limit in some way, your vision for your future,

...or if you're sort of “lost in space” wondering what is next on your journey, wanting someone to show you exactly where it is you need to go, how you might go about it, or who you should see next,

Please know that you are not alone, and you can trust me to take you into a new experience of life.

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Ready to pull out of the past towards your future?

Maybe you are at a crossroads, going through a time of challenge or change. Maybe you are forever over-extending yourself, but would love nothing more than to heal the parts of you that feel misaligned or untrue. Whatever the reason, know that you deserve to build an even deeper connection with who you TRULY are so that you can enjoy a zest for life.

—and, I’ve got you!

Whether you just feel dull, stuck or numb—due to fixed or boring life circumstances—or you're in a reckoning of sorts from an unsettling setback, I help pull people out of the past towards their future by providing practical advice to regain confident clarity as we heal your energy and your priorities.

The key to achieve true and lasting satisfaction

Ever hear this advice? "All you need to do" is set S.M.A.R.T. goals, take massive, determined action and work really, really hard" in order to have, be or do anything? —Pretty common, right?

Have you come to hate it because you've been that hard-working, take-charge person, only to have it NOT work out? Even worse, maybe life threw you a curve ball and you took a tough fall. Did it leave you feeling disempowered? Did you beat up on yourself thinking "Maybe I'm just not working hard ENOUGH"?

Dialing-in your life's direction isn’t ONLY about effort and action. Subtle, invisible energies are at the root of human health, behavior, and consciousness. Energy medicine principles teach us that our energies adapt to circumstances, using consistent priorities as a hierarchy (like the body's survival, for example).

Ever have a self defeating habit or fear that you struggled to put down? What if that was simply an energetic pattern you didn't need to take personally, telling yourself you lack motivation or discipline somehow?

What’s it like working with Nicole?

Are you looking for a leader to pull you out of your past towards a better future? Watch this video to get insight into what kind of transformation is possible even after only 1 energy integrity session.

Hi! I'm Nicole Nelson, professionally certified energy medicine practitioner, and I lead women in challenging life circumstances to transform what, for them, may feel impossible so they can return to a path of true prosperity.

I stand for truth—specifically, you being true to you.

An observant analyst, I spent the past 15+ years working with incredible professionals like CEOs, VPs, PhDs, counselors, educators, nurses, managers and entrepreneurs, across 2 continents and 6 industries.

Each time, it’s been my honor to help them launch into new beginnings as the most alive, awake and aware version of themselves after Life dealt them dead ends, heartbreak, hard health situations, or crushing disappointment.

Are you interesting in being supported by someone fun and high energy? Ready to become more forward-moving, able to navigate any aspect of your life with even more confidence and clarity?

I can help you discover new tools to achieve true and lasting satisfaction no matter your life's current direction. It starts with a simple 15 minute conversation. Click the button below to book a free consultation now.

Want to tune into your truth?

Here’s what can you expect when you build
a whole new model for success and satisfaction…

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