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✧Healing high performers who've hit a low point so that they can live a more liberated life✧

Hello High Performer,

Is it time to get back on track to realize your personal dreams? Are you looking to regain the inner strength, resilience and good humor required to live a more liberated life?

If you're like many of my clients, you likely live a fast-track lifetime. You push yourself to your limit, obsess over self-development, and frequently burn out.

People see you as brilliant, successful, capable, and confident—but, what they don't know, is the deep-seated insecurity you might sometimes feel inside.

In fact, no matter how much you do, true and lasting satisfaction is just not happening as you'd like.

—and, since you are taken to extremes, your long hours and pressure to excel may have finally taken a toll on your health. Maybe it started with simple exhaustion, but it has now led to chronic pain, migraines, eating issues, depression or anxiety.

Ever find yourself staring in the mirror thinking “I thought it would be easier by NOW!”

I know. It's hard to be human sometimes. So, if it feels like time is slipping away as you struggle with SERIOUSNESS unable to regain a lightness about your life

..if you struggle to understand or to work with FEAR, or self-limiting BEHAVIOR (such as committing to anyone and anything indiscriminately, finding rational reasons for overloading yourself!)

....if you are struggling with feeling satisfied by your successes, living a HOLLOW LIFE, unsure of where you truly belong

...or if you're sort of “lost in space” wondering what is next on your journey, wanting someone to show you exactly where it is you need to go, how you might go about it, or who you should see next...

Trust me. I can take you where you need to go!

Ready for real change?

"Energetic integrity is your real path to possibility."

Nicole Nelson, Certified Energy Practitioner

Pathways to getting started

Want a champion for change who’s got a natural aptitude for inventing imaginative solutions to resolve your limitations, and open you up to your true potential? Looking to take a leap? Here are three main pathways to getting started…

Pointing out possibility

Want someone to point out possibility that you hadn't considered? —Possibility that perhaps you’d never have gotten to on your own, but taking the leap leads you to some profound transformation?

Let’s get in touch

Hi I’m Nicole Nelson! An insecure overachiever turned spiritual seeker, I am the founder of Start Again Stronger and certified energy medicine practitioner since 2013.

I guide high performers who've hit a low point to heal their energy so that they can regain the inner strength, resilience and good humor required to live a more liberated life.

Liberation from what? — from their own limitations and the limitations that others (often with good intentions) put upon them.

Known for creating clarity out of inner chaos, I've advised incredible professionals like CEOs, VPs, and PhDs for over 15 years.

Each has entrusted me to provide compassionate and practical solutions to put them back on track with their personal dreams.

Feel like your are “off path” and are ready for real change?

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How to heal what holds you back

Are you looking for a guide to pull you out of your past towards a better future? Watch this video to gain insight into what kind of transformation is possible even after only 1 type of energy integrity session.

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