Meet Nicole

Want to discover the person you were born to be? ...the life you were born to live? ...and the strategies and skills to navigate it more easily?

Naturally energetic and multi-passionate, I've been known to be a grounding space for others during unplanned transitions that leave them spinning out. Sometimes that transition is a simple, but startling, realization that their life no longer makes sense to them and they just fell stuck.

My goal for every client is to help them start again stronger feeling truly authentic, aligned and content with their matter what!

We live in the age of personal responsibility. In fact, there are countless personal and professional development programs on the subject and, in 0.66 seconds, Google provides one billion, one hundred forty million results on how to be successful in life.

But, there's one problem.

Few, if any, of them take into consideration how you were built energetically and how to master that energy. So, what you're left with is personal—or professional—development platitudes that leave you wondering "will this really work for me and my life?" 

If this is you, you are so smart for asking!

Drawing from 24 years study in biology, psychology, spirituality and professional certifications in energy medicine and leadership coaching, I specialize in the human energy system and help clients turn past pain into present power.

Together we 'make sense of the mess', the blessings in their past, and move forward into a new narrative that's a more empowered, masterful expression of who they really are.
When you STOP EFFORTING and START LEVERAGING ENERGY, you can start enjoying an even more fulfilled life, one that is in accordance with the energy of these times (instead of frequently feeling off path, out of sync or pushing against the tides). 

Having invested over 3 decades into my own self-discovery, I found this is the fastest way to be AT HOME in your own life, in your own body, in your own journey and —ideally—to have a thoroughly satisfying experience along the way.

I've "clocked in" over 6000 hours supporting success and found that mastering the human energy system has helped, not only myself, but people across the world—in all different professions—to start again stronger and get results!

Here are the top 5 times clients call:
  1. Toxic job or burnout from being the 'rock' for everyone else
  2. Self-doubt or challenge in confident decision making
  3. Complacency causing desire for life to take on more meaning, feeling stuck in fixed or boring life circumstances
  4. Stress related illness or chronic challenge
  5. Undervaluing their gifts, talents and abilities keeping them from truly going after what they really want —or even identifying what that is (even though they're highly productive, achiever-types!)
No matter what brings you to this work, what I find happens is that the emotional rollercoaster can become more like a shallow speed bump, the sense of feeling stuck can suddenly dissolve, and ALL THAT ARRIVES in your life can create CLARITY and propel PROGRESS.

I help you get skilled-up to powerfully live your life, as you originally intended, and have WAY more fun along the way.

Supporting Your Success

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