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Hello take-charge, front-runner!

Overburdened by your busy-ness? Got a gift for getting things done but it depletes your spirit? Are you sometimes secretly stuck in a cycle of not trusting or, maybe even, devaluing yourself? Well, it turns out that making authentic contributions to the world by being who you are meant to be, standing stable in your strengths, tuning into your truth, engaging in life fully, with joy, when the world wants what IT wants from you—not to mention the days when you’re faced with unexpected drama or chaos—it can all be pretty tiring.

You’re probably a very hard-working, front-runner, the one in charge getting more things done in a day than anybody you know, and wracking up accomplishments that perhaps others admire—maybe even more than you do, if truth be told! You’ve probably, too, already been doing some sort of self-improvement efforts for quite awhile, but I’d bet that most of what you’re doing still feels like you’re missing the mark. Maybe you’ve even had one of those moments where you, staring in the mirror, think to yourself “I thought it would be easier by NOW!”

No matter what stage your personal/spiritual growth is at, life can feel pretty exhausting if struggles aren’t engaged in properly so, if it feels like time is slipping way as you’re struggling to stay grounded and settled within yourself, struggling to finally move forward from the past (despite everything you’ve worked on), or struggling to stop the self-doubt that convinces you out of admitting (to yourself or others!) what you actually need or want, just know that you are not alone… and that it is not your fault if you’ve broken away from dreaming big for yourself.

Own your process, purpose & power

Maybe you are at a crossroads, going through a time of challenge or change. Maybe you are forever over-extending yourself, but would love nothing more than to heal the parts of you that feel misaligned or untrue. Whatever the reason, know that you deserve to build an even deeper connection with who you TRULY are and what you were born to explore.

I’ve got you!

Whether you just feel dull, stuck or numb—due to fixed or boring life circumstances—or you're in a reckoning of sorts from an unsettling setback, I provide practical advice to regain confident clarity as we heal your energy and priorities.


Are you tired of trying to make something work that just isn’t right for you? Does it feel like you’ve suppressed yourself in some—big or small—way? Have you lost your sense of self to the daily demands of varies duties? Are you ready to reclaim your true essence? It turn out it’s energetically very expensive to hear your soul’s constant call, but find yourself facing the other way. In order to be fully sustainable, it starts with discovering who you were always Designed to be and, then, together, we can create actionable steps to align your everyday efforts with your authentic self.


Feel blown around by the winds of change? Ready to get fully re-Sourced and restored? From my years in the trenches, I know that the successful direction of your life doesn't depend on the latest productivity program or high performance hack….it doesn’t even depend on how ‘spiritual’ you are!

It comes down to clarifying the energies that calibrate your wellbeing. It comes down to restoring your subtle energy systems to their natural state of strength and wellness.

When you regulate your energy, you can face anything with a lightness of being. You can surrender struggle and exchange it for an inspiring adventure. You can heal from forcing outcomes, in favor of following the natural flow of things. You can enjoy a deep soul satisfaction on your journey: living totally, embracing everything and holding nothing back—no matter what comes each day!


Are your internal and external environments generous to YOU? Do they really support your true value? Is it time to redesign your life so it honors your true essence, your energy, instead of burning out painfully? You are a devoted person with a strong sense of duty. The more grounded you are in Trust that the universe supports you wholly…the more structures you put place to cultivate a consistent practice of self-generosity…the more you direct energy towards things that light you up—instead of bowing to the pressures of the world…the more you actually help others as well. When you figure out how to fully commit to yourself, and to give sustainably to yourself, you’ll live a life that lifts you up, nourishes you, supports you and guides others to a higher expression of who they are too.

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Catalyzing Change

What can you expect when you take-charge of your well-being and fully commit to yourself with the same nurturing devotion that you always give others?

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Hi! I'm Nicole Nelson, professionally certified subtle energy practitioner and Human Design specialist, mentor and creator of the True Self On Fire™ series of transformational programs.

I've spent 15+ years working with incredible professionals such as CEOs, VPs, PhDs, counselors, educators, nurses, managers and entrepreneurs; across 2 continents and 6 industries. I am passionate about helping take-charge people take charge of their wellbeing!

Want someone supportive, nurturing and uplifting to help lead you to a greater expansion of who you are and to an increase in abundance, sustainability or peace? Need some loving accountability for your own self-love or self-empowerment? The first step is to schedule a complimentary strategy session.

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