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Making authentic contributions to the world by being who you are meant to be, standing stable in your strengths, tuning into your truth, engaging in Life fully, with joy, when the world wants what IT wants from you—not to mention the days when you’re faced with unexpected drama or chaos—can be pretty exhausting. 

You’re probably very a hard-working front-runner, the one in charge getting more things done in a day than anybody you know, and wracking up accomplishments that perhaps others admire—maybe even more than you do, if truth be told!

You’ve probably, too, already been doing some sort of self-improvement efforts for quite awhile, but I’d bet that most of what you’re doing still feels like you’re missing the mark. Maybe you’ve even had one of those moments where you, staring in the mirror, think to yourself “I thought it would be easier by NOW!”

No matter what stage your personal/spiritual growth is at, life can feel pretty exhausting if struggles aren’t engaged in properly. If it feels like time is slipping way as you’re struggling to stay grounded and settled within yourself, to finally move forward from the past, or to stay connected to your correct way of making decisions so that you can effortlessly express your TRUE self, it’s most likely because: 

+ You don't know the parts, purpose and patterns of your unique, energetic Design.
+ You aren't in the habit of releasing any energy that’s out of harmony with the highest version of it.
+ Your energy isn’t directed towards what matters most but, instead, what people expect instead. 

Discovering your unique energetic Design and learning how to regulate this energy so that you can apply it correctly to your decisions and direction is the first step to having the courage to live a life true to you, not what others expect of you.

I'm Nicole Nelson, skilled subtle energy practitioner and human design specialist, mentor and creator of the True Self On FireTM series of transformational programs. 

I've spent 15+ years working with  incredible professionals like CEOs, VPs, PhDs, therapists, educators, nurses, managers and entrepreneurs; across 2 continents and 6 industries. I help highly dependable, take-charge people take charge of their wellbeing!

From my years in the trenches, I know that the successful direction of your life doesn't depend on the latest productivity program or high performance hack….it doesn’t even depend on how ‘spiritual’ you are!

It comes down to your ability to clear and calibrate your subtle energy systems to their natural state of strength and wellbeing. 

When you have strong and clear energy, you can live a life that feeds your soul: live totally, embrace everything and hold nothing in, day out.
Top 5 times clients call:
  1. Toxic job or burnout from being the 'rock' for everyone else
  2. Self-doubt or challenge in confident decision making
  3. Complacency causing desire for life to take on more meaning, feeling stuck in fixed or boring life circumstances
  4. Stress related illness or chronic challenge
  5. Undervaluing their gifts, talents and abilities keeping them from truly going after what they really want —or even identifying what that is (even though they're highly productive, achiever-types!)

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